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Neils Pharmacy is an NHS community pharmacy and chemist based in Prescot, Merseyside on the outskirts of Liverpool. Neils Pharmacy is close to Whiston Hospital and services the areas of Prescot, Whiston, Huyton and Rainhill. Neils Pharmacy offers a number of services including;

  • FREE prescription collection and FREE prescription medicine delivery,
  • FREE smoking cessation clinic,
  • FREE Care at the chemist minor ailments service,
  • FREE emergency hormonal contraception,
  • FREE blood pressure checks and
  • FREE heart rhythm checks.

The pharmacists and staff members at Neils Pharmacy also are trained to help you get the best out of your medicines, help you with any queries or problems you may have and support you with self care. Neils pharmacy stocks and sells a variety of medicines that can help treat a number of medical conditions without the need for seeing the doctor.

FREE prescription collection and FREE medicine delivery - Neils pharmacy offers a FREE prescription collection and FREE medication delivery service. Once your medicines have been ordered from your GP practice, Neils pharmacy are able to collect the prescription from your doctor once it is ready, prepare it and then deliver it FREE of charge. Neils pharmacy currently deliver free of charge within post code areas L35, L34, L36. This encompasses areas including Prescot, Whiston, Huyton and Rainhill. We collect from many doctors medical practices and surgeries including; Aston Health Care Whiston Health Centre, Cedar Cross Medical Centre (Dr Kyaw), Prescot Medical Centre (Dr Dawn Heath), Park House Medical Centre (Dr Brindley, Dr Sukhavasi, Dr Patrick Akhionbare), Rainhill Village Medical Centre, The Crossroads Surgery, Longton Medical Centre, Aston Healthcare Manor Farm Medical Centre, Longview Medical Centre and others. The electronic prescription service (EPS) means that Neils Pharmacy is able to accept and electronically receive prescriptions from any GP Practice in the UK.

FREE Smoking Cessation Clinic - Neils Pharmacy offers a walk in clinic for residents of Knowsley who wish to quit and stop smoking. The smoking cessation clinic consists of a twelve week programme during which the patients are given weekly support and nicotine replacement products to help them to stop smoking. For people who don’t pay for their prescriptions these are provided FREE of charge (paid for by the NHS). The NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products that Neils Pharmacy provide on this service include patches, lozenges, gum, mouth spray and Champix tablets. If you are interested to stop and quit smoking then you can call in and see an advisor at any time.

FREE Care at the Chemist Minor Ailment Service – This is a service, funded by the NHS, which allows the experts at Neils Pharmacy to issue patients who don’t pay for their prescriptions, with certain medicines FREE of charge to treat minor ailments. Treatment can be provided for acute bacterial conjunctivitis, allergies and allergic reactions, athletes foot, cough, cold sores, constipation, contact dermatitis, cystitis, diarrhoea, ear wax, haemorrhoids, headache, pain, temperature, head lice, infant colic, mouth ulcers, nappy rash, nasal congestion, oral thrush, sore throats, teething, threadworm, vaginal thrush, warts and verrucae. Our staff are trained to help recognise these conditions and provide the appropriate treatment. If you condition does not fall into any of the above then we still have a wide range of products available to buy to treat a wide variety of conditions and where necessary we are able to refer you on to an appropriate professional.

FREE Emergency Hormonal Contraception – Emergency Hormonal Contraception, also known as the morning after pill, is available from the trained professionals at Neils Pharmacy FREE of charge for all ladies aged 16 and above. A consultation is taken by our specially trained pharmacist, in a private consultation room, and on completion they can supply the morning after pill, if appropriate, to be taken on the premises completely free.

FREE blood pressure checks and FREE heart rhythm checks – As simple as it sounds. If you want your blood pressure checked or your heart rhythm checked, we have the technology at Neils Pharmacy to do so. Our innovative heart rhythm check equipment is able to conduct an ECG trace and detect an irregular heart rhythm with appropriate referral and post diagnosis support as needed.

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